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Media Buyer N2S

Over three years of advertising experience in both N2S, N2C and Social Media to Search. Highly experienced in Taboola, Outbrain, Zemanta, Gemini, Baidu, Facebook and TikTok.

Experienced in Taboola and Outbrain for Native to Search; Taboola, Outbrain, Zemanta, Gemini and Baidu for Native to Content; Facebook and TikTok for Social Media to Search.

We spend 100K+ dollars each month on Native and Social Media platforms for our clients with positive ROI. Guaranteed success with expertise in driving profits according to your business needs.

Your business requirements mapped with our skill set will ensure that your expectations result in profitable ventures.

Media Buyer

Media Buyer Expertise

  • Experience with budgets (experienced in tiktok, fb, google display network)

  • Experience with native grids (tabula, MGID, Outbrain)

  • Experience with creatives (playroom, nvs, art studio)

  • Experience with search content arbitrage

What We Offers!


Native to Content


PPC Experienced


CPC Experienced


Content Analysis


Google Analytics


CTR and P/S Increase


Landing Page Optimization


Errorless Campaign Uploading


Real Time Bidding Experience

Above all, We can say that our experience will help you succeed in your business. Interested in learning more?