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Advertising plays an integral role in how you present your business to the world, and the internet age has changed the game. Today, you don’t just have to circulate traditional advertisements, you also need to bring web users to your site with carefully implemented pay-per-click advertising campaigns. PPC is one of the major pillars of digital marketing, and as such, we pride ourselves in making the most of it for businesses like yours!


Advertising From Click to Revenue

Clicks are a hot commodity today, and businesses are willing to pay for them. Pay-per-click (PPC for short) is a wildly popular method for getting traffic to your site through advertisement, most notably on search engine results pages (SERPs, another cool acronym for you to casually drop into a conversation). If a person sees an advertisement for your business in their search results and they click it to arrive at your site, you pay a fee (about $2.00 on average, but this can range anywhere from $0.20 to $30 or more). The likelihood of a user seeing and clicking your advertisement depends on a number of factors (don’t worry, we’ll get to that in a moment).

PPC is an excellent complement to the other aspects of your marketing plan. SEO, for instance, is essential for organically driving traffic to your website through great content and smart web development techniques. The catch is that tracking its results and progress can take a bit of time. With a strong PPC strategy, you’ll be able to compensate for this beautifully by driving paid traffic to your site and getting immediate feedback on how your advertising is performing.

Overall, the sheer value that we can secure for your business with PPC advertisements is probably their most attractive attribute. If you’re promoting your products or services with great advertising creative and the landing pages they lead to are working their magic, a single click can become a new mailing list subscriber, a booked appointment, a purchase, or even a longtime customer. Additionally, PPC is a must-have tool for amplifying your voice, as paid search advertisements can boost brand awareness by as much as 80%.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

Cost Effective

Pay Per Click Means you only pay when someone clicks!


Chose your own audience and optimize for what works.


You don’t need to guess if your campaigns are working, you get real-time data.


Make adjustments and optimize as your campaign runs. Don’t wait until the end to optimize for what’s working.

Verifiable Data

How many users saw your ads, how many clicked (Click through Rate), who filled in a form, and who called? There is a ton of useful information you can collect from running PPC Ads.

Get Leads Quickly

PPC complements your growing marketing strategy perfectly. Get leads quickly while you optimize your website to perform organically.

Google: The King of PPC

There are a number of platforms that utilize the PPC model of advertising, including search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! as well as the world’s largest social network, Facebook. However, the most developed and widespread by far is Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords). While search ads aren’t the only way Google helps you advertise, it’s their longest-standing advertising system, one that can’t be ignored. Google holds just the majority in search engine market share with tens of thousands of searches taking place every single second. No business owner should want to miss out on that kind of exposure!

The popularity of Google Ads for PPC is thanks to not only the visibility it offers business owners, but also the tools that come with the service.

The analytics and management capabilities of this platform give marketers like us everything we need to run precise campaigns that give you maximum ROI. Seeing that CAYK is a Google Partner and our PPC experts are fully Google Ads Certified, we’re the perfect team for the job! Still, we wouldn’t fully be doing that job if we didn’t help you understand exactly how PPC works in practice.

Media Buying for Real-World-Advertising

For most businesses, a portion of their marketing budget goes to paid advertising. This is where media buying comes in. Media buying is the process of purchasing ad space and time on digital platforms (YouTube, Google Search, Facebook, Amazon eCommerce, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google AdMob) and offline platforms (radio, TV, billboards, bus ads, airport ads, direct mail, phone). The goal is to identify and purchase ad space on channels that are relevant to the target audience, at the optimal time. When done effectively, media buyers achieve maximum exposure, getting the brand in front of their target market. Effective media buying teams create impactful relationships with media owners that result in greater reach with less investment, allowing marketing teams to increase conversions and demonstrate high ROI. This outbound marketing strategy is only effective if it’s well thought-out. Some ad placement is good for one set of goals, but bad for another.

Media Buyer

Media buying is done in three ways:

At Traffic Zone Ltd, our media buying team delivers relevant, targeted ads that meet your campaign goals, whether that’s increasing conversion rates, boosting sales, strengthening brand awareness, or all of these. Contact Traffic Zone Ltd. to learn more about our media buying strategies.