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About us

Traffic Zone Ltd. is a leading Digital Marketing Agency with 5+ years of experience managing pay-per-click campaigns with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads, Yahoo ads, and Native ads. Our team works with SMBs, marketing agencies, and large corporations on all things related to digital marketing.

Whether you are a corporation looking for an agency to manage your Digital Marketing Campaigns or a Marketing Agency looking to outsource your online advertising efforts, we handle all. As a Traffic Zone Ltd, we secure a team of bilingual marketing experts as part of your team, ensuring the highest quality service with fast responsiveness to emails and phone calls and enhanced reporting on every important metric. Our work is founded on a proven Digital Marketing blueprint with ongoing training from our Google and Microsoft partnerships and learning and development team that tackles the ever-evolving marketplace. In recent years, we have transformed into a MarTech company and developed in-house tools that enable management and sales. This includes our Client & Partner Portals, Reporting Tool, and Compass; as part of our Sales Enablement platform, marketing agencies need a complete set of tools to sell PPC and reach their objectives.